Enabling Results; Building Better Lives

I have always been fascinated by human behavior. How it manifests in our lives. How much it is unpredictable. Same person can behave differently in different situations. Same person can behave differently in similar situations at different times in his / her life. Many times, people decide what they are going to do or say when a particular situation happens and when it actually happens, they behave differently. And yet human behaviors can be predictable. There have been a lot of research done on how human mind works and what are the human behavior patterns. Some researchers call it personality profiling, some call it behavior mapping, and some may even give it the name of psychological patterns. While some of us may discount them as mere theoretical researches, the matter of fact is that businesses use these researches to make business decisions. Have you heard of consumer behavior research? Or market research? Or reaction surveys? These are all different ways of predicting how customers will behave to products and services offered to them. Even in social media, there are recommendations on when is the best time window to post based on behaviors people show on social media.

Human behavior can-not be taken for granted. Because there is that fundamental aspect that identifies us as humans – the ability to make a choice. This ability to choose allows people to display behaviors unique to them and the environment in which they find themselves in. Yet there are patterns to these choices. Can we understand these patterns? Can we appreciate why different people make different choices? How can business leaders take deliberate actions in line with these choice patterns so that the best decisions are made? The answer of course is a resounding yes. And that’s what fascinates me.

For years, my area of interest has been how human behavior impacts decisions we take in business and in our personal lives. What can we do to make better decisions? What can we do to avoid making decisions that may derail us? And what can we do for people around us so that they too take better decisions to get better results?

Yes, better results. In business and in life. Going forward I will be writing about this.
Because that’s the mission with which I work. Enabling leaders to get better results. Enabling people to make better choices to build better lives.

And I will talk to best of the experts, CEOs, business leaders and leadership coaches to understand this better. About how they enabled people to make better decisions and take more effective actions so that they get better results. I look forward to sharing all that with you.

Enabling Results.
Building better lives.

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About the Author:

Arvind K Murwaha is a hands-on human resource development specialist with more than thirty years of experience. During these years he has charted an interesting career across an array of business assignments, leadership coaching and managing national level OD & training assignments for large organizations – Indian as well as multinational. Currently he is the CEO and Coach at CRESKO Consulting.

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